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JWC chats with Erika Geraerts Fluff was founded by Erika Geraerts who has spent 7 years in the beauty industry and thinks that makeup is great, but not essential. Fluff is for anyone who thinks that the world doesn’t need more products, just...

Skin Routine – Angelina Veljanoski

JWC chats with the founder of SKIN ANGEL – Angelina Veljanoski on her skin routine… AM – Skin Prescription Cleanse: If I have been exercising in early morning will cleanse my face with #4 The Cleanser by RATIONALE which is an extremely...

JW in conversation with Sara Sarmiento

Where were you born and raised? I was born in Venezuela in 1992 and raised in Colombia  How did where you were raised influence your healthy habits? Colombia has a tropical weather, we don’t have seasons, so all year around we eat a lot of...

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