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Depending on where you find your source of information, products that are derived from coconuts are sometimes highlighted as one of the best things for your health, or something you should avoid. 

However as a whole food source, coconuts are undeniably packed full of nutrients, particularly the green variety. The key difference between brown and green coconuts is their nutritional content as they age. Before they mature, coconut are a vibrant green, and at this age are made up of mostly water and little to no fat content. As they ripen, coconuts turn brown and contain mostly saturated fat and little water. 

The meat of a green coconut is tender in comparison to the brown’s which is thick and hardens with age. It’s the combination of this tender meat and water of the green coconut that is loaded with nutritional benefits including electrolytes. Our bodies utilise electrolytes for hydration, as well as sending instructions to our cells; enzyme production to support the digestion and absorption of the food we eat; muscle function and hormone production. 

Other benefits include it’s mineral content that contributes in the prevention of cell damage, lowering inflammation and ultimately anti-ageing due from the antioxidants coconuts contain such as zinc, copper and selenium. 

Green coconut water contains iron, which is supportive for improving blood circulation, and supporting optimal levels of oxygen in the body. 

The coconut water is also rich in l-arginine, an amino acid that acts as a vasodilator and can be supportive in treatment of cardiovascular conditions such as elevated blood pressure. 

While green coconuts alone will not completely transform your health, consuming them as part of a balanced diet of mostly nutrient dense whole foods, will be supportive in your body receiving nourishment from a variety of sources. 

Ebony Jade – BHSc Clinical Nutritionist 

Tessa James

Tessa James

Australian Actress & Founder of James Wellness


Ebony Jade

Ebony Jade

Personal Trainer, Bachelor of Health Science (Nutritional Medicine)


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