Exercises to add to your workout to enhance your mobility

Troy Savage aka Coach Troy Savage shares with JWC exercises to add to your workout to enhance your mobility

How can a lack of flexibility and mobility training lead athletes to be in worse shape than where they started, even though they are living a fit and healthy lifestyle? 

The rigors of modern sport take a toll on these athletes’ bodies and unfortunately most of them are not doing much in terms of mobility training to help their bodies work in the best way possible. Mobility helps their bodies keep moving in the right way and being able to handle the training loads that they must endure over their careers. Sports these days tend to take the quick fix option of anti inflammation pills, painkillers and surgeries rather than strengthening and using mobility training to treat some of the symptoms of injury.

What problems have you seen a lack of flexibility cause for your clients?

My clientele are from your Rugby League professional to the kid that has hopes and dreams of one day playing in the NRL, the main issues i see are tight hips which quite often leads to lower back pain. Everyone is different, I test each joint in an initial assessment and that usually shows me what they need working on. You would be surprised how many Pro Athletes / NRL players cannot touch their toes.

How does mobility training benefit the everyday person who likes to workout and stay healthy?

Even though my niche is the athlete – mobility training for your everyday joe or general population client is just as valuable. Our bodies are designed to move efficiently and sometimes our busy lifestyle sometimes does not allow us to get the proper movement through our bodies, and this can cause pain and sometimes injury. So to implement mobility training to make sure our body is in proper working order will allow us to live a much more pain-free life  

How can increasing our range of motion benefit us in everyday life? 

Our body sometimes will work against us and gives us little signs that it might not be in the right position, through pain or injury. Being able to have the range of motion to perform simple everyday tasks and also to exercise safely is very important. Our body will usually find the easiest way to complete a task even if it means doing it in a bad position so having the proper range of motion is very important to be able to live a pain free life.

What are the risks or downfalls of not undertaking mobility training, for professional athletes and casual gym-goers?

One of my big beliefs is that we shouldn’t live in pain or injury, that includes niggles etc. I feel those things are telling us that we need to do something about it, and if we continue to ignore than we will eventually have bigger problems down the track and especially as we go into the later years in life. For athletes, usually injury will occur because of the constant stress they put their bodies through training and games, it will come faster because they are adding in those extra measures of stress to their bodies.

What are your top 3 top exercises you recommend to your athletes to incorporate before and/or after their workout to enhance their mobility?

Couch Stretch – This helps with hip flexor mobility, usually a big reliever of lower back pain because if you cannot bend from your hips properly then usually the stress goes into the lower back. This also applies when running etc

90/90 – This is a good introduction and allows us to loosen up the glutes, an easy stretch to implement and good for taking pressure off the knees.

Jefferson curl (unweighted) – This stretch allows us to get some spinal flexion, lengthen out the hamstrings and lower back. Teaches the body how to bend properly in a safe manner without any load.

Tessa James

Tessa James

Australian Actress & Founder of James Wellness


Troy Savage

Troy Savage

Mobility Coach


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