Founder of Prae Store Bec Conforti Shares her Sustainable Habits

If you’re looking to start shopping and living more sustainably, there’s no one better to help you get started than Bec Conforti. As the Founder and Creative Director of the effortlessly luxe wellness store Prae, Bec has instilled her own values into the brand by sourcing local, eco-friendly and sustainable products wherever possible…

Bec sets an example for living a sustainable lifestyle with ease

If you’re looking to start shopping and living more sustainably, there’s no one better to help you get started than Bec Conforti. As the Founder and Creative Director of the effortlessly luxe wellness store Prae, Bec has instilled her own values into the brand by sourcing local, eco-friendly and sustainable products wherever possible.

In the interview below, Bec shares her journey with sustainability, how she acts and buys mindfully across different areas of her life, and some of her favourite sustainable wellness products.

About Bec and Prae

My name is Bec – I’m 29 years old and live on the Southern end of the Gold Coast. I’ve been married for 2 years and have a fur baby (Cavoodle) Henry.

I am the owner and creative director of Prae – your go-to wellness destination. 

Designed for the elevated and modern women who lead a healthy and balanced lifestyle, Prae is more than just a brand, it’s a community. 

We have two stores – one on the Gold Coast and one at Byron Bay, along with our online store Australia wide. Prae offers a thoughtfully curated selection of beauty, wellness, active and lifestyle products from some of Australia’s best designed brands who produce luxurious products designed for well-being, whilst also having non-toxic, eco-friendly and sustainable values. 

We collaborate with experts and advocates within the health and wellness space to provide you with thoughtful and honest content including interviews, tutorials, playlists, and our latest venture, Prae TV. Promising to be more than just an online store, Prae is a platform where you can read, listen and learn, whilst curating all the essentials you need to lead a healthy, active life. 

Becoming mindful about sustainability

I started to become more mindful about sustainability about 8 years ago when I was on a bit of a holistic health journey. I feel those come hand-in-hand when you start to learn more about wellness – you start to educate yourself more about the environment as well. The biggest eye-opener for me was when I went to Bali for the first time and saw the amount of plastic and rubbish on the beach and streets. I thought that was so sad that the community didn’t care and were probably not educated about it. 

Bec’s sustainable habits

Shopping sustainable

One of the biggest things I have changed is the way I shop. I shop local now for food, clothing, personal care or home styling and do not go to big department stores or big supermarket chains. I don’t want to be buying products – especially food – that has travelled from overseas and consumed a lot of energy to get to the shelves.

I also purchase brands that have sustainable values and buy pieces that are made well and that I know will last me a long time so I can pass down when I am finished with them. I also look to buy from Australian brands if possible. 

With food shopping, I only buy organic produce and try to do most of my shopping at my local farmers market or local health food store.

Some beautiful sustainable brands that I love are – Nimble Activewear, Patagonia, Mukti, YCL Jewels, Veja and Peony Swimwear.

Home Sustainability

My husband and I built our home 5 years ago and tried to make sustainable choices as much as possible when building. We chose sustainable building products, insulated our home well, made the best use of natural sunlight, installed double glazed windows, chose non-toxic building materials and installed solar panels onto our roof. Our next step is to create vegetable gardens and a compost in our backyard – I can’t wait!

When I am at home, I always turn off any lights that I am not using, I don’t use our dryer – I line dry everything and try to be conscious on the amount of water I am using in the shower.


I think most people would understand how important recycling is. This is something that I have been doing for a long time as my parents always taught me how to recycle properly. I think some people get lazy and complacent with recycling, but that little bit of extra time to do it properly is so worth it. If I am ever at the beach or out and see littering, it breaks my heart, so we always pick up whatever we can to do our part as well.

Reduce plastics

Something that I have been doing for a long time now is trying to not use any plastics in our home. We only use glass containers to store food and also use beeswax wraps instead of plastic wrap on food. When I go shopping, I make sure I have a few Prae calico bags in my car so I don’t ever need to worry about using plastic bags at the shops. We also have a home water filter installed in our house, so I fill up my drink bottle every day and never buy filtered water in plastic bottles. When I visit a cafe I always try to drink my coffee at the cafe or if I’m in a rush and need a takeaway I will bring my keep cup with me.

I love my 24 Bottles water bottle and Frank Green keep cup.

Resell or Donate items

Whenever I decide to do a wardrobe cull or get rid of something that no longer serves us in our home, I never like to throw anything out. I always try to resell and donate anything else to local charities. My mum also owns a second-hand women’s clothing store, so that’s amazing to pass garments onto her to on-sell to people who are not contributing to fast fashion. I am trying to live a lot more minimally at the moment and really think about my purchases and ask myself if I really need something before buying, as there is nothing worse than accumulating so much stuff that is never used.

Bec’s tips to get started

Start doing research on why leading a more sustainable life is so important for our generation and generations to come. I think if you just take baby steps and start with one thing like recycling and then adding in more things after that. I really do think that it comes down to priorities and making time for something so important.

Bec’s sustainable product recommendations

Yin Yoga Mat – Luxe yoga mats made from sustainable tree rubber and non toxic glues. 

Mayde Teas – Beautifully blended teas made locally in Byron Bay and packaged in sustainable glass jars.

The Ayu incense – These beautifully scented incenses are Fairtrade and handcrafted in India using sustainable and naturally infused ingredients.

Nimble Activewear – Nimble’s fabrics are made from post-consumer used recycled plastics – how cool! Plus they are super comfy and cute, so that’s a win-win! Nimble also use compostable bags for all of their poly bags and mailer bags.

For more from Bec, follow her personal account on Instagram @bec.conforti and business account If you’re interested in finding out more about Prae, visit their website

Bec Conforti

Bec Conforti

Founder & Creative Director of Prae Store


Lexi Daniels

Lexi Daniels

Communications Manager


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