JW in Conversation with Lara Tocchini

If you’re in need of some inspiring woman power, look no further than Lara Tocchini. Not only is she a super-mum to her 10 month old daughter Mila, but she is also the co-owner of talent agency The Collective Management.

Tessa Talks with Mum & Business Owner Lara

If you’re in need of some inspiring woman power, look no further than Lara Tocchini. Not only is she a super-mum to her 10 month old daughter Mila, but she is also the co-owner of talent agency The Collective Management. Between juggling her business and taking care of her family, Lara is passionate about living a healthy, clean and balanced lifestyle.

Her kindness, openness, will to help others and desire to make the world a better place is truly inspiring, which is why we thought we’d reach out to to chat about her life, her beauty preferences, and simply her: the mum, business owner, wife and friend. 

Q: Where were you born and raised? 

A: I was born and raised in Freshwater on the Northern Beaches, Sydney.

Q: How did where you were raised influence your healthy habits? 

A: Growing up so close to the ocean naturally meant an outdoor lifestyle. We did lots of outdoor hobbies and activities. Our family grew up playing lots of sports, surfing, nippers and summers spent at the beach. I think that type of lifestyle helps instil healthy habits early on and for sure has carried on into adulthood. 

Q: What is one of your daily rituals? 

A: At the moment, in the morning it’s finding a 10min block where I order my favourite chai from my local cafe and pop out to pick it up as a take away, solo. It’s my little block of alone time, albeit small – I treasure it!

Q: What are you currently working on? 

A: Professionally, our management company which I co-own with Mags Stewart – there are always things we are brainstorming, working on, working through and strategising. Personally, I’m working on more self-care. I’m a new mum, I have a 10 month old daughter who I dedicate a lot of my time to whilst also trying to run a business and it can be challenging, so I’m really trying to work on little pockets of time for myself, sharing the load and doing things to help my mental wellbeing.

Q: What is one of the biggest challenges you have faced in your life career-wise? 

A: Helping to build and then become a partner in our current (only one year old!) business, The Collective Management. That has definitely been the most challenging career moment, particularly as 10 of those months I’ve juggled a new child and 3 of those months we’ve been in a worldwide pandemic. However, it’s also been extremely rewarding. Anyone who has their own business knows how wonderful it is to be able to work for yourself. I’m always very grateful. 

Q: What are some ways you handle stress and pressure? 

A: To be honest, it’s something I’m still working on. I don’t think at this stage I’ve found the right technique to work through stress and pressure. I tend to shut off and pretend I’m not stressed which is obviously extremely ineffective. Most of the time I call someone, have a whinge, put my phone down and spend some time with the family to reconnect on what really matters. 

Q: What is your greatest strength? 

A: I think I’m very good at communication, I’m empathetic (particularly with my clients that I represent) and fiercely honest and protective of those close to me (family, friends and of course, my clients). 

Q: What is your greatest weakness? 

A: I’m a perfectionist, which can come up against me at times. I am known to be quite brutally honest. Which isn’t such a weakness, but I guess if the receiver isn’t ready for it…it can be taken the wrong way.

Q: Who inspires you? 

A: I am inspired by my husband, my business partner, my friends and their passion for their own work, my clients and their creative minds, my parents and family, but most of all my daughter is a huge inspiration for me now. 

Q: What inspires you? 

A: So many things inspire me. It’s not just one person or one thing. Travel, photography, interiors, architecture, art, fashion, people doing cool, creative things in their field of expertise inspire me, business starters and owners inspire me. I find a lot of visual inspiration from images too. I love scrolling through Instagram and Pinterest and getting lost within imagery – it’s a not-so-secret indulgence. 

Q: How is sustainability a part of your life? 

A: This is another aspect of our life (my family) that we are working on. We do our best but we aren’t perfect in this area, that’s for sure. I generally buy organic produce and meat (where possible) from the local markets or butchers but still go to woolies too. I am a huge fan of sustainable brands and buy good quality things using sustainably made materials that will stand the test of time, but I also wear pieces of fast fashion – I can’t deny that. I try to use a keep cup with my morning coffee but often forget it as I’m running out the door to escape my child for 10 minutes. We recycle as best as possible but I STILL put the wrong things in the wrong bin, often. It’s an ever-evolving process for me / us – I’m very conscious of it but I’m not perfect. I got stopped in the street the other day as I was rushing, trying to get my baby to sleep in the pram whilst putting my coffee cup in the bin by a man who said I was doing poorly at recycling because I didn’t separate the lid from the cup. I wasn’t even thinking but was quite shocked at how it was approached. It did make me realise that this takes time and everyone is doing their best. Forcing this message down people’s throat or belittling them because they aren’t doing a ‘good job’ is not going to lead to positive and effective change. Time and education is imperative. 

Q: What is your biggest wellness indulgence?

A: I indulge about once a month on my favourite massage and acupressure with Jessie at The CALMM.

Q: What are your 3 clean, non-toxic beauty must-haves? 

A: Everyday Oil – for just about anything, everyday!, Macabalm (coming soon from one of my clients) and Un-Cover Up by RMS (colour 22). 

Q: What are your 3 wellness must haves? 

A: Love Tea – sleep tea, lavender essential oil and chicken bone broth.

Q: What’s your ideal way to switch off? 

A: A yoga or pilates class or a massage with Jessie. 

Q: What are you currently reading, watching and or listening to? 

A: Currently reading A Little Life by Hanya Yahagihara. Watching The Last Dance (Michael Jordan Doco). Listening to a few different artists on repeat – Kahlid, H.E.R, Tones & I, Sade, Rhye, as well as multiple podcasts.

Q: Where is your favorite place to travel? 

A: Locally, I love going up to Blueys Beach on the North Coast. Mags has a house there on the beach and kindly lets us stay from time to time. Internationally, Italy is my favourite for a special travel destination and I love Bali, I’ve been going there since I was young on family holidays and the lifestyle, great food and general culture is hard to beat. 

Q: What do you eat for breakfast in the morning? 

A: I used to be so good with breaky but since having my daughter, I’ve found that I prioritise her breakfast and by the time the morning hustle is finished and I’m taking her for a walk, 9 times out of 10 I haven’t had something substantial. But when I’m good it’s two pieces of sourdough with avo, goats cheese and some hemp seeds or 2 organic scrambled eggs and avo or porridge with blueberries, coconut yoghurt and some pure maple.

Keep up with Lara by following her on Instagram @laramessenger.

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