Sharnie Fenn’s Top 5 Skin Secrets

We reached out to international model Sharnie Fenn to find out her skincare secrets to maintain healthy, glowing skin.

International model Sharnie Fenn shares her skincare tips

If anyone knows the importance of keeping your skin healthy, it’s a model. We may shudder at the thought of any close-up photographs, but for them it’s simply a part of the job description. That left us wondering, what’s their secret? We reached out to international model Sharnie Fenn to get some answers.

Working with high-profile clients such as Bobbi Brown, Armani Beauty and Netflix, and competing on the sixth season of Asia’s Next Top Model, keeping her skin healthy is a top priority for Sharnie. But before we reveal her advice for maintaining a clear complexion, we wanted to know a bit more about her and her experience in the modelling industry.

A bit about Sharnie

I first went overseas for modelling when I was 17. It was my first time travelling internationally by myself, and also living on my own. At the start, I was petrified and often felt very lonely in a foreign country without my family or friends. I didn’t even speak their language! Going to castings for the first time was also an extremely anxious experience  – walking and posing in front of numerous clients a day and blatantly being told ‘NO’ in my face. 

I also fell under my agent’s pressure to become more thin and found myself constantly working out and sticking to strict diets. But gradually, I started to make friends and I have worked with some of the most passionate, creative and driven people I’ve ever met. I had the pleasure of working with and representing international brands that I never would have had the chance to if I had not gone overseas. 

I have the honour of learning about different countries, their language, their culture, their food and their people. I found myself becoming increasingly self-confident and comfortable in my own skin the more I worked and the more people I met. That’s when I ditched the diets and exercise and learnt that it’s not just what you look like that matters, but it’s how you decide to use what you look like.

Sharnie’s top 5 skincare tips

We asked Sharnie for her top 5 tips that she follows to keep her skin healthy. 

#1: Drink LOTS of water

I also love tea so I generally drink a lot of water and a lot of tea (especially green tea) throughout the day. Green tea contains a lot of antioxidants which helps fight against sun damage and skin aging, so I strongly recommend it!

#2: Get to know your skin

My second tip would be to get to know your skin before buying anything. It’s important to know what your skin type is and to make sure that you’re buying products which are compatible for your skin. For example, I have oily skin so I make sure I only apply products that are suitable for oily skin. During winter seasons, my skin tends to dry up so I shift to products that target dry skin. 

I also found that natural products worked better for my skin, like avocado oil and aloe vera moisturiser, so it’s important to find out what works best for you because not everyone has the same skin type and not every product will work the same way.

#3: Exfoliate

My third tip is to exfoliate once a week. Without exfoliating, dead skin cells cannot  be removed and this results in the clogging of pores (breakouts!!). Removing dead skin cells and clearing out the pores also helps skincare products to be soaked in more easily and therefore makes them more effective!

#4: Leave your face alone!

My fourth tip is that I try not to touch my face as much as I can. I find that the more I touch my face, the more likely I am to wake up with a pimple where I was touching. Also, after exercising or sweating, I make sure I wash and cleanse my face to avoid breaking out the next day. 

#5: Schedule in some makeup-free days

My last tip is to make sure you have days where you don’t wear make-up. On my days off, I usually don’t wear make-up because I like to give my skin a break. 

Keep up with Sharnie on Instagram: @sharniefenn.

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Lexi Daniels

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Sharnie Fenn

Sharnie Fenn

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