Skin Routine – Angelina Veljanoski

JWC chats with the founder of SKIN ANGEL – Angelina Veljanoski on her skin routine…

AM – Skin Prescription

Cleanse: If I have been exercising in early morning will cleanse my face with #4 The Cleanser by RATIONALE which is an extremely nourishing cream cleanser.

Mist: I love too mist my face with iS Clinical Copper Firming Mist, prepping my skin for my serums. 

Serum: Each morning I apply a potent antioxidant serum my all-time fav is #1 The Serum by RATIONALE which provides my skin a boost of Vitamin B3 Complex with Amino Acids to boost my skin immune responses and target pigmentation. I also alternate this with iS Clinical Poly Vitamin Serum which has a obscene amount if hyaluronic acid Vit B3 niacinamide and B5 Panthenol coupled with Retinonl it’s an antioxidant, anti-ageing power house. 

Moisturiser: #3 The Crème by RATIONALE is my ultimate daytime moisturiser that contains Australian SolarProtective Botanicals to form a soothing, protective shield to protect and support my skin throughout the day. Also I admire this formulation for it Vit D precursor. 

SPF: Beautiful Skin Superfluid SPF50 to protect my skin from protects skin from the entire Solar Constant that is damaging to our skin including infrared, visible Light and UV. For any exposed area of skin on my body will also apply Simple as That SPF 30.

Lip: DermaQuest Lip Enhancer I use throughout the day give my lips the most amazing plumping effect.

Eye: Molecular Eye Serum by EPICURE is formulated with the Nobel prizing winning ingredient liquid crystals giving my eyes an intense boost of hydration as it’s has a slow release of hydration throughout the day.

PM – Skin Prescription

Cleanse: First cleanse I use the Gentle Cleanser by EPICURE to cleanse of my makeup and the days dirt debris and environmental pollutants this is a foaming cleaner without stripping my skin and I follow with my Warming Honey Cleanser from iS Clinical I love not only the smell but the hydrating and antioxidant properties from the honey.

Lip: iS Clinical Lip Duo there is a polish like a lip scrub I use this a few times a week and the serum is like a moisturiser for your lips with extremozymes which is an ingredient that repairs the skin tissues DNA

Serum: Intensive Retinol by EPICURE is a prescriptive Vit A that not only normalise my skin function but is slight exfoliating due to it lactic delivery system. I also layer the Amino Acid Serum from EPICURE that is packed with peptides for anti-ageing.

Moisturiser: Rinazell Lacteal Active Substance Cream DR SPILLER as an intensive reparative moisturiser, this is thick luxurious cream I drench my skin in overnight.

Eye: Molecular Eye Serum by EPICURE giving my eyes an intense boost of hydration

Mask: Once a week I also love to incorporate a mask in my evening routine, currently I have been using #1 The Mask by RATIONALE for an intensive Vitamin B3 treatment to deeply sooth, brighten, hydrate and strength my skin barrier.

Internal – 

I am currently working with my Naturopath to manage some internal imbalances though a customised Liquid Herb supplement and prescriptive Probiotic. I often incorporate wholefood supplements into my diet Nuut Protein with Glow & Gut Primer and Omega Elixir (EFA’s) from The Beauty Chef with Nutty Bruce Almond Milk in my smoothie each morning. I spritz my BioCeuticals B12 Sublingual Spray each morning and I sip on my coconut Tonic One marine collagen in my water bottle through the day for supple hydrated skin from within. Of a evening I always take Metagenics Magnesium and JS Health Hair & Energy Supplement.

Tessa James

Tessa James

Australian Actress & Founder of James Wellness


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