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What does a daily ritual mean to you and why is it important to you?

To me, a daily ritual is a dedication to a consistent practice, free from distractions. It can be anything from taking a short walk in nature, mindfully drinking your cup of tea, or meditating, something that reminds you to stay grounded and in the present moment.

Meditation is my daily ritual. It’s important to me as I find it so easy to get caught up in the busyness of everyday life, to lose perspective of who I am and fall into old habits. When life is quiet, it is much easier to be aware that our thoughts are just a small part of who we are (or are not).

No matter how busy life gets, incorporating a daily ritual is making time to meet yourself, to bring your awareness inwards, to feel, and to simply sit with yourself no matter where you are in life.

Within Incense was founded through the purpose of daily ritual, tell us more about within incense?

Yes, Within Incense was founded during a tumultuous 2020, a period of change and disruption in my personal life, as it has been for many others.

In such uncertain times, I leant into my meditation practice in a way I had not done previously, and really began to understand the power of daily ritual. Burning incense helped me carve out that moment and set an intention for my day.

Within Incense is designed for daily ritual, whether your intention is to ‘Ground’, ‘Invigorate’ or ‘Create’. It is 100% natural and can be burned during meditation or in the home, the subtle aromas a reminder to remain present. 

It was important for me to also give back to my community, which is why we donate 10% of profits to charities in support of mental wellbeing. 

How is Within Incense a 100% natural scent?

Within Incense is crafted in Japan’s Awaji Island, the birthplace of traditional Japanese incense, using sustainable and ethical practices to produce some of the best quality incense in the world.

The incense is entirely plant-based and has no bamboo inner. It is made from the naturally-binding bark from the Machilus Thunbergii tree (the Japanese Bay Tree), an evergreen tree which sheds its bark in large chunks, perfect for making incense. Pure essential oils and 100% plant-based powder are then combined to produce a natural, aromatic scent.

We choose to produce in Japan rather than add essential oils in Australia, as it ensures a long lasting, natural and high-quality incense. It is entirely free of fragrance and chemicals that you might find in some incense and candles today.

What does an average day look like for you?

I’m an early riser, with my alarm going off at 5.30am. I find starting my morning early ensures that I go about my day with intention and am lucky to have this time to myself.

You’ll normally find me reading the news and my favourite subscription emails over breakfast and a coffee. 

I also like to take time for my daily ritual in the morning to ensure that the day doesn’t get away from me. I choose an incense to fit my mood, set an intention for the day ahead, and spend some time meditating. Even five minutes can shift my mood dramatically. 

By this point, my Australian Shepherd is normally demanding my attention and so we’ll head out for a walk. I’ve been grateful for him during lockdown – I have no choice but to get outside, regardless of the weather!

The remainder of the day passes quickly with work meetings and emails, chores and the busyness of modern life, which is why I always look forward to starting my day with my peaceful morning routine. 

Are there certain times of the day that a septic within incense is more beneficial?

Within Incense can be used at any time of day, depending on the individual and their mood.

Some days, if I need a bit of motivation, I’ll light an ‘Invigorate’ in the morning, it’s a combination of Star Anise and Geranium, blended to invigorate the mind, body and spirit. If I’m feeling relaxed already, I’ll light a ‘Create’, a combination of Patchouli and Geranium which produces earthy, floral and musk aromas. Otherwise, I find that ‘Ground’ is perfect if I’m feeling caught up in my thoughts or a little frazzled, it contains Atlas Cedar which has been known to reduce stress.

A Zen priest in Japan with a great appreciation for aromatherapy wrote on a scroll the ten virtues of incense more than 400 years ago. One of the virtues was that “when it is plentiful, one never tires of it” – it can be used at any time of day and as much as you feel the need!

What are some small changes we can all make to incorporate a daily ritual into our day?

I think it’s important to find a ritual that works for you, one that you truly believe you will benefit from and look forward to. 

Find a time each day that you know will regularly work for you – it can be hard some days, but even five minutes is enough to shift the needle. Also know that it’s OK to miss a day here and there and that there’s always tomorrow.

Incorporate an element into your ritual that may help you to shift perspective – for me, this is where the ritual of lighting the incense and setting my intention comes in.

Small adjustments to your day-to-day can have a huge impact on your sense of wellbeing, and consistency is key.



Tessa James

Tessa James

Australian Actress & Founder of James Wellness


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